Fortifying the bones of your business


If your data-housing solutions don’t communicate with each other to show the complete customer journey, it’s impossible to really know what’s working in your digital funnel.

Your business keeps track of an abundance of data. At any given time, you may be collecting customer information from a litany of sources — CRM, POS, VOIP, CCP — yet none of these systems are communicating with each other to account for each touchpoint in your customer’s path-to-purchase.

  • New customer incoming phone calls
  • Current customer incoming phone calls
  • New purchases
  • Repeat purchases & revenue

Actionable, digestible analytics

Marketing Milk builds a bridge between your social networks and your customer data platforms, runs the data through Facebook, and produces a single, digestible report outlining the overall health of your business.

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Get feedback on what really matters

The result is your receipt of actionable insights regarding exactly what you need to do to improve the overall health of your business by driving new customers, increasing sales, and ultimately growing your bottom-line revenue.