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Customer Journey Funnel

Tailor your funnel in Marketing Milk to match the different stages of your customer’s journey.

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Screenshot of marketing milk conversion funnel
Data point graph of conversion funnel metrics in Marketing Milk

Metric Breakdown

Break down each step of the funnel and view the different segments of your conversion customer journey path. With different tables located at each stage of the funnel, you will now have in-depth insights on the path of your customer’s conversions.

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Lead Downloads

Track, receive, and analyze all of the information on your direct leads. The minute a lead is detected, it will be housed within Marketing Milk and sent directly to you, allowing you to act on it in real time.

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Lead Downloads panel within Marketing Milk
Table breakdown of business metrics 1 Table breakdown of business metrics 2 Table breakdown of business metrics 3

Table Breakdown

With complete access to your data, you can dive deeper into your marketing efforts and view exactly which audience, campaign, and creative has driven the most ROI.

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Business Health

With custom, 30, and 90-day date ranges, monitor how your campaigns have been performing over time.

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business health stats chart
business goals page of marketing milk on a tablet

Business Goals

Whether it’s leads, ROI, or website visits, track your KPIs to ensure your campaigns are always on target to meet your goals and plan for the future with our ROI scaling calculator.

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Franchise God Mode

Monitor the success of all your business's locations in one place and compare their KPIs against each other.

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franchise god mode view in marketing milk on an apple imac