The sun is shining, the birds are singing, spring is officially in the air! With each passing season comes a new quarter and new business goals to accomplish. Which means — if you’re anything like every other business owner in the world — you’re going to be looking to improve your strategies for getting more new customers, higher frequency of purchase, and growth. In order to really know that you’re hitting your goals and making the right business decisions, it all boils down to three simple letters: ROI

No matter the size of your business or industry, the ability to track the return on your investment isn’t just a valuable commodity — it’s integral to your survival. Marketing Milk is a tool for business owners that allows you to easily track the effects of your marketing efforts in real-time. Through our dashboard, you’ll know exactly how your marketing is performing, where adjustments need to be made, and what your exact ROI is. Whether business is booming and you want to use your marketing to throw fuel on the fire, or you’re in a bit of a slump and you want to stop the bleeding, knowing EXACTLY what your marketing efforts are bringing you gives you a better idea of what success looks like for your business and what needs to be done in order to scale growth.

The Current State of ROI

According to HubSpot, 40% of marketers say that proving ROI is one of their top challenges. But this isn’t to say that businesses don’t think they know how to track their return. In fact, 73% of businesses regularly track their social media efforts, they’re just looking at the wrong metrics. With 97% of the top brands on Facebook still using organic posting as their lone social strategy, many marketers are left trying to figure out how likes, comments, and shares lead to overall sales (hint, hint: they DON’T). If revenue is what you’re looking for (which it’s probably safe to say it is), vanity metrics will never get you the return you’re looking for. Here are three reasons why real-time ROI tracking is the missing ingredient to your business’ success:

It’s ROI or Die

We get it, getting likes on social media feels pretty good. Whenever you receive a like, your brain releases dopamine, which is associated with pleasure, so your body is literally on a happiness high when people click that button. But unfortunately, when a customer likes a brand on Facebook, it has absolutely zero effect on purchasing behavior. The return you get from organic content is not trackable and the conversions you get are practically non-existent. One of the biggest reasons businesses struggle to measure ROI is due to poor measurement tools and platforms. Marketing Milk tackles these struggles head-on by offering a platform that provides real-time ROI tracking for all your social campaigns. By tracking KPIs like leads, customers, and revenue, we’re reporting on metrics that actually matter in order to grow your business.

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real time roi tracking with marketing milk

Eliminate the Guesswork

After talking with hundreds of business owners, one of the most common pain points they expressed was not knowing whether their marketing efforts were making an impact. With Marketing Milk, you’ll never have to waste your time or energy worrying about your efforts because we’ll provide you with an exact dollar-in, dollar-out return on your investment. This allows you to make more informed decisions on budgets, campaigns, and practically every other aspect of your marketing moving forward.

Plan for the Future

Business growth and success will not occur if you’re not consistently tracking your ROI. Plain and simple. Thanks to Marketing Milk’s tangible results, you’ll be able to see exactly what parts of your business are driving a return, and which areas need improvement. Since all of your information will be laid out in one place, you’ll have obvious takeaways and insights for your marketing efforts for the future. The result? A clear plan of attack for driving new customers, increasing sales, and growing your business. It’s 2019. If you’re still relying on non-paid posts to drive revenue, trust us when we say that your business is missing out big time. As one of the few platforms in the wild that tracks a real-time return, our sole mission is to help your business make as much money as it possibly can. ROI and success go hand-in-hand and once you experience the impact of trackable, scalable ROI, you’ll never go back to tracking anything else.

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Interested in learning more? Schedule a call with one of our Data Scientists and discover how Marketing Milk can transform your business in an ROI machine!