There are many things that contribute to a shift in your marketing strategy. Maybe your business is growing and you want to ride the wave as long as possible. Maybe your business is in a bit of a rut and you want to get back on track. Whatever your reasons may be, it’s time to make a change. To ensure your marketing efforts are making a noticeable difference, now is probably the time to invest in a marketing platform to track your results.

But not all marketing tools are created equal. Sure, most platforms might be able to track likes, comments, and shares but at the end of the day, none of those metrics matter. What really matters are tangible results — website visits, leads, revenue, you get the point. Here at Marketing Milk, we don’t waste our time focusing on vanity metrics. Instead, we shift our focus to targeting the right audiences and running the right ads to get our partners a 3x ROI. How do we make that happen? Two words: artificial intelligence.

So, how exactly will Marketing Milk’s AI help your business thrive?

Audience Algorithms

In order for your campaigns to drive the most ROI, you need to ensure they’re being seen by the right people. Butchers don’t go around trying to sell their juicy sirloins to vegans do they? Of course not! It’s a waste of time and money. The same applies for paid social campaigns.

To get you the most bang for your ad spend bucks, we will take the customer data that’s most important to your business and put all of that information back into Marketing Milk and Facebook to find the people closest to your target audience. Using our AI algorithms, we will then monitor your audiences and campaigns in real time to learn more about your customers and pinpoint which strategies will drive you the most ROI.

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KPI Monitoring

According to Infusionsoft’s 2019 Small Business Marketing Trends Reports, one-third of small businesses are unsure if their marketing efforts are effective. Marketing Milk’s AI eliminates any guesswork by monitoring the KPIs of your ads to ensure they’re performing and driving revenue for your business. If one of your ads starts to underperform, Marketing Milk will detect the change, turn off the ad, and replace it with a new one – starting the cycle all over again without disrupting your other campaigns.

For example, if the goal of your ads is to drive online purchases and one campaign is failing to do so, Marketing Milk will allocate your money into the ad that’s getting you results. It will also suggest any adjustments you should be making to your ad spend and budget to give you the largest ROI.

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it

One of the biggest mistakes marketers and business owners make with their social media marketing is constantly running new ad campaigns just for the sake of doing so. While this approach may seem like the right way to go, it could actually hurt your ROI in the long run. If you’re currently running an ad that’s killing it with your target audience, why make a change? Keep that bad boy running until it has nothing left in the tank. The longer it performs, the more revenue you’ll drive in.

Digital marketing is one of the most beneficial investments you can make for your business but if it’s not utilized correctly, it’s essentially serving the same purpose as every other billboard you see driving down the highway — wasting space and not driving results. AI not only allows you to track the performance of your marketing efforts, it notifies you when changes need to be made to your campaigns to ensure your marketing efforts are successful. It’s time to say goodbye to wasted ad dollars and hello to ROI!

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Interested in learning more about Marketing Milk’s artificial intelligence? Schedule a call with one of our Data Scientists and start making the most of your marketing efforts!