Welcome to the Marketing Milk website! We are glad to have you here trying things out and learning a little about our new cutting edge marketing analytics. There’s a lot to see and try to digest, so let me break things down a little bit for you.

What is Marketing Milk?

Marketing Milk is a tool for franchisors and franchisees to measure the impact of their digital marketing. Through the Marketing Milk dashboard, franchisors now have the opportunity to look at their digital marketing and see the effect it has on their overall revenue in real time. So, what benefits will you experience from using Marketing Milk? There a seemingly countless answers, but here are what I consider the top 6.

All in One System

Business owners use different platforms for different things. VOIP/CRM/POS, etc. Marketing Milk lets you see the results from all of your customer data platforms in one place. You can see the performance of every ad you run at any time, all in one place.

Tangible Results

Marketing Milk removes the guesswork from your digital media advertising. No longer will you ask if your efforts worked or didn’t work. You will be able to see an exact return on your investment. This allows you to decide where to add more budget, where to end efforts, and where to reallocate marketing funds. No more nebulous answers from your marketing team, just tangible numbers at your fingertips

Tangible Results in Marketing Milk
Actionable Insights in Marketing Milk

Actionable Insight

With the tangible results that Marketing Milk delivers you will be able to see where your business is growing, or where you might need to improve. Since things that used to be so unclear are now easily understood you will have insight of what you need to do to take your business to the next level. You will have definite takeaways for your marketing. No guesswork, no wondering. Just accurate and reliable numbers that don’t lie.

End to End Data Protection

All of your data will be encrypted and never touched by human hands. This allows business owners to be confident in keeping the privacy of their customers intact. The side benefit of this end to end encryption and protection, you can know for certain that your results have not been manipulated in any way, shape, or form. They are untouched and 100% accurate.

Dedicated Account Analyst

We know you are great at what you do, and we think we are great at what we do too. Your data scientist is here to help you throughout the whole process to make sure you are getting everything out of your experience with Marketing Milk. Your account analyst is there to answer every question you have to make you confident in understanding your marketing results. This way you know that the decisions you are making based on your numbers are the decisions that will drive actual revenue and growth for your business.

Artificial Intelligence Learning

With Marketing Milk’s AI capabilities you have the opportunity to make informed decisions on who you want to target. Not only that, but the AI constantly hone in on the right people that will convert at that specific time. There is no more guesswork on personas or demographics, you will KNOW who YOUR customers are. This allows every cent you spend on your marketing to be utilized to its maximum potential.

New and Repeat phone calls dashboard in Marketing Milk

So what do you do now?

Let’s talk today! When you meet with a Marketing Milk Data Scientist like me you can expect someone who will meet you where you are at to talk to you about the performance of your digital marketing, and I mean that in two ways.

The first way is in the business sense. We as data scientists are trained to look at every aspect of a Franchise no matter where you are in your business or product life cycle. We are happy to help to show where you are flourishing as well as where we can give advice on areas of the business that might need help to grow.

The second way we meet you where you are at is through our one-on-one interactions. We know you are great at what you do, but you might not be the best marketer. And that’s ok. We are here to explain the results in a way that means something to you and your bottom line. We know what is important to you and we can cut the marketing lingo that confuses people and put the results into digestible tangible context any business owner can understand.

To learn more let’s schedule you a call with a Marketing Milk Data Scientist like me! We can’t wait to speak and help you drive the results you want!

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