Since news first broke of Facebook’s massive data breach back in 2018, many social media users have shown great interest and concern for the safety of their data. According to a survey from Pew Research Center, 80% of social media users said they were concerned about advertisers and businesses accessing the data they share on social media platforms. While social media giants have gone to great lengths to prove to users that their information is secure, users are still not convinced – 91% of people have little confidence that social media companies can protect their data.

To get in front of what feels like a never ending data disaster, we have made data security one of our top priorities. Our data scientists here at Marketing Milk have taken the following steps to ensure that our clients’ customer information remains safe and sound at all times:

All Data is Housed on Amazon

To secure the confidentiality of your information, every sliver of data we receive is housed and protected by Amazon Web Services. With more than 700,000 companies using Amazon’s database, including brands like McDonalds, Lyft, and Netflix, you can trust that your data is protected by the best of the best. Not even our own data scientists have physical access to your information. The facility where all of your data is stored is physically guarded by around-the-clock security and AWS employees are the only ones permitted to access the information.

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a computer with a padlock and the word encrypted on it

Total Data Encryption

In the unlikely event Marketing Milk were to ever have a data breach, we encrypt all of our data to ensure that your customer information cannot be read by hackers. Data encryption is a security method where information, such as name, email, phone number, etc, is encoded with a random set of letters and numbers. Users with the correct encryption key are the only ones who can access the data and read it in its raw form. One of the major benefits of end-to-end encryption is that your information cannot be manipulated in any way, so you can sleep well knowing that it’s untouched and 100% accurate.

Hands-off Data Approach

Before VOIP, POS, and CCP systems ever existed, every piece of data had to be manually inputted into records for businesses to reference. While this may seem like an ancient data practice to most, there are still many business owners out there who think this is the best way to collect data. Hint hint: it’s not. Thanks to API bridges, there’s no need for you to manually upload data or send over spreadsheets – we can pull numbers, purchase values, ROI and so much more without ever knowing the specifics of any sensitive data. This ensures your customer data is never touched by human hands or viewed in its original form.

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With data security being almost obsolete 15 years ago, it’s becoming more of a necessity in today’s technology-driven world. The last thing you want as a business owner is to have all of your customers’ credit card information, phone numbers, and email addresses sitting out in plain sight for anyone to get ahold of. By investing in a platform that’s dedicated to protecting your data, like Marketing Milk, you and your customer’s can rest easy knowing your information will remain safe and secure at all times.

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