All-in-one Facebook data
integration platform


If your data centers don’t communicate, how can you understand what’s really working with your social media marketing?

As a franchisor, you’re keeping track of a ton of customer data. At any point, you might be collecting information from a litany of sources — CRM, POS, VOIP, CCP — yet none of these platforms are sharing their insights.

  • New customer incoming phone calls
  • Current customer incoming phone calls
  • New purchases
  • Repeat purchases & revenue

Aggregates all of your data in one place

Marketing Milk builds a bridge between Facebook/ Instagram and all your platforms that compile customer data, and turns that information in to a single digestible report.

  • CRM
  • VOIP
  • CCP
  • POS
  • Loyalty Program
  • Literally Anything
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Key business metrics that show obvious ROI

The result is your receipt of actionable insights regarding what you need to do in order to drive new customers, increase sales, and ultimately grow your bottom-line revenue across all locations through Facebook and Instagram.


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