About Josh Sample


Pasteurized, digestible data

There is no correlation between likes and revenue on social media. So why are you tracking success based on vanity metrics?

I launched Drive Social Media in 2012. Since then, we’ve served thousands of clients of every size across the globe. But we noticed that many of our partners came and went for the same reason: They did not understand how to utilize data to identify successful marketing campaigns. Often times, our partners wanted to measure success based on vanity and engagement metrics instead of the things that really matter —leads, customers, and revenue — resulting in an inability to accurately adjust their efforts and scale their business.


Take the guesswork out of growth

I wanted to develop a solution that would empower business owners to increase the viability of their ventures by having the ability to analyze the success of their marketing efforts in a clear and understandable way. The result is Marketing Milk — your business's answer to tracking the impact of your marketing efforts and adjusting accordingly to scale growth. Our proprietary software makes it obvious what’s actually driving revenue so that you can base crucial business decisions on what really matters and leave the likes, comments, and shares back at the farm.

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